Job Posting: Dell Anno Home Styling – Vice President of Operations

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Job title: Vice President Operations

Reports to: President & CEO

Evaluated by: President & CEO, Vice President

Strategic role: Dell Anno Vancouver is the Canadian exclusive dealer of Dell Anno, a 38 year-old
luxury brand and highly trusted authority of European design customized furniture in
Brazil. It earned its reputation and market share as a result of applying haute-couture
concepts of home styling as one does their personal appearance. With unique finishes and
hundreds of exclusive accessories and details, Dell Anno offers a complete line of furniture
for every room of the home. Manufacturing from its state-of-art 500,000 sq/ft facility in
Brazil, utilizing world class machinery and equipment that produce bespoke furniture in
modern design and superior finishes. Dell Anno Vancouver will also source out local
manufacturers and suppliers of surfaces, cabinet doors and accessories to complement its
designs according to clientele demands.

Brand-based marketing of 100% customized product with a continually shifting set of end
user value propositions (e.g. palette colours) puts strong expectations on managing
suppliers able to offer shorter lead-times, low minimum order quantities, low inventor
levels and consistently excellent quality with a can-do agile approach to solving product
supply problems.

The Vice President Operations responsibilities include:


  • Manage various vendors supplying products locally and internationally and execute import (Brazil) and local purchases
  • Negotiate price, quality, selection, and inventory with all key suppliers
  • Audit purchases account to ensure proper accounting
  • Source new and alternate suppliers
  • Maintain good relationships with suppliers
  • Implementation, training and operating in applicable software
  • Maintain accurate and timely data for purchases
  • Maintain full awareness of suppliers’ quality and timeliness of promised delivery dates
  • Ensure that job components arrive prior to jobs being installed
  • Use historical data to forecast demand for new materials


  • Perform alterations and adjustments to cabinet parts in order to get jobs ready for installations
  • Hire, train and manage shop personnel (when required)
  • Manage shop equipment and maintenance
  • Work closely with manufacturing partners to maximize their capabilities or fill the gap in customization via our shop or other suppliers


  • Manage the manufactured product installation process
  • On site measuring to confirm designs are feasible and recommend adjustments
  • Hire, train and manage a team of professional contractor installers or employees.
  • Follow up on all services to ensure the work is of top quality
  • Assign and manage installation crews and supervise their execution by inspecting installations to make sure installers are acting and executing installation experiences according to brand standards in quality and attitude, and provide support
  • Communicate with other departments to facilitate and improve customer service and interdepartmental processes
  • Manage vehicle and tool maintenance
  • On-going job costing and profitability reporting, providing feedback and problem solving towards improvement

Also, the Vice President Operations is expected to:

  • Effectively manage multiple simultaneous objectives of varying degree of importance and urgency (also known as: “Multitasking”)
  • Use deductive reasoning to proactively address operational issues in a timely manner
  • On a daily basis, address urgent requests from installers on customer locations in order that installations are completed on time and at or under budget
  • As required, deliver materials to installation sites in a company vehicle
  • Be a proficient user of Microsoft Office, Office 365 including One Drive (cloud storage), WhatsApp as well as Dell Anno proprietary software systems for managing the sourcing, design, manufacture/alterations and installation activities

In addition to being responsible for managing Dell Anno’s Vancouver (DAV) day-to-day operations, the Vice President Operations has a key role in supporting the following activities:

  • Encouraging sales/design creativity, design feasibility and exceptional customer experiences in the showroom
  • Participate in planning and execution of future trade shows (IDSWest or others)
  • Strategic development and implementation of product offerings, installation methodologies and overall business direction
  • Profitability reporting and improvement
  • Pleasant work culture for all Dell Anno Vancouver Members

This job also requires the successful candidate to be organized and have good project
management skills. By “being organized”, we mean having full awareness of the location of
all relevant:

  • computer files and folders
  • notebook entries
  • phone records and contact information
  • photos
  • videos
  • scanned documents
  • paper documents


Here are the specific goals that the DAV VP Operations will be working towards in the
remaining of 2018 and during 2019:

  • Install all sales volume achieved by the sales/design team with the shortest time frame available from our manufacturers with minimum go backs / follow up or service visits
  • Achieve goals in min cost of materials
  • Achieve 10% cost of installations, communicate discrepancies timely
  • Set shop/alterations goal costs
  • Recruit and maintain top notch installer crews who are willing to go above and beyond for you and Dell Anno Vancouver


  • To serve as a role model of the core values of Dell Anno Vancouver:
    • Lead life with balance and JOY. (Life is 10% what happens to us, 90% how we react to it!)
    • Be masterfully ORGANIZED.
    • Become an EXPERT in your field.
    • Allow and encourage CREATIVITY.
    • CARE deeply about the people.
  • Fully use Dashboard and other relevant software to fulfill your duties;
  • Track and report all key costs for the operation department (materials and labour invoices). Work closely with Accounting on this;
  • On time and prepared for daily work and key events;


  • Review designs via Promob
  • Site measurement to confirm feasibility
  • Recommend changes to design
  • Purchase all relevant materials (wood components, glass, countertop surfaces, lighting, accessories)
  • Organize logistics and import requirements
  • Schedule installers accordingly
  • Inspect installations, do quality control
  • Close job, get signed waver by customer and communicate with accounting/sales for collection of final balance
  • As sales revenues grow hire, train and manage personnel to execute some of the above tasks


  • Promob training (basic)
  • Product peculiarities training (basic)
  • T raining on Dashboard
  • Portuguese as a second language online classes if desired – ongoing


  • Compensation as set out in the Employment Agreement
  • Participation in our Company Benefits Program
  • Semi-annual performance review
  • International travel opportunities when business operations allows
  • Review the compensation after 12 months of successful company growth