MentorConnect is a free program that matches employers with job-ready skilled newcomers in British Columbia for one-on-one occupation-specific mentoring.

Matches are based on occupation, industry, and professional experience.

Employers Mentors

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Becoming a Mentor

As an employer, you understand the value of investing in your employee’s growth and development. A mentorship program is one of the most effective ways to do so. Mentorship through MentorConnect offers numerous benefits not only to employees but also to the entire organization.

  • Improved personal and career development
  • Increased productivity and leadership skills
  • Support a learning culture
  • Create an inclusive and diverse workplace
  • Boost interpersonal skills
  • Promote growth and advancement.

For the past decade, MentorConnect has supported employer partners as a soft recruitment tool, providing access to a pool of diverse internationally trained professionals, and giving employers an avenue to increase their social impact through volunteering mentoring hours.

We invite you to experience the many benefits of mentorship, taking your organization on an innovative route to personal and professional growth. Leave us your contact details in the Mentor Registration form and we will be in touch.

Newcomer Mentees

Becoming a Mentee

As newcomers to Canada, you may have many questions about landing the perfect job here in BC. MentorConnect is designed to support Permanent Residents to find employment that values your internationally gained education and experience. We do this by matching newcomers with local professionals for one-to-one occupation specific coaching.

Mentoring is an effective approach in addressing barrier you may have faced in your employment journey as a skilled newcomer. Mentees who have joined this program have gained:

  • Local occupation / industry specific insights
  • Increased understanding of the labour market
  • Build professional network
  • Overall career guidance and support
Improved understanding of Canadian workplace culture
Found meaningful employment within 6 months.

“Your encouragement, advice and support have led me to this success. I am falling short of words to thank you and my mentor for the guidance and support offered through the MentorConnect program. I will forever be grateful!” IEC-BC Mentee

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