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Program Backgrounder

MentorConnect is a free program that matches job-ready skilled newcomers in British Columbia with established local professionals for one-on-one occupation-specific coaching.

Matches are based on occupation, industry and professional experience.

To become a Mentee, a newcomer must:

  • Possess Permanent Residency (PR) status or have been accepted as a protected person (Refugee) in Canada
  • Arrived in Canada within the past five years
  • Be unemployed or underemployed
  • Possess high-intermediate to advanced English skills (e.g., CLB level 7, LINC 8 or IELTS 6 overall score)
  • Have a job ready resume, clear goals and personal introduction
  • Commit to the program content and
  • Is responsive to follow-up program administration inquires

To become a Mentor, an individual must:

  • Have a minimum of two years of professional experience in their occupation within Canada
  • Possess industry knowledge within Canada and open to sharing their professional network
  • Strong communication and coaching characteristics
  • Commit to program deliverables and make time for mentoring activities

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“Your encouragement, advice and support have led me to this success. I am falling short of words to thank you and my mentor for the guidance and support offered through the MentorConnect program. I will forever be grateful!” IEC-BC Mentee