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IEC-BC & RBC Connections Event

October 18, 2022 at 5:30pm PST

RBC is looking to connect with and hire skilled immigrants for numerous positions. These include roles in the following fields:

  • Banking roles
  • Finance roles
  • Investment roles
  • Accounting roles

This event will be held in person at RBC’s 1055 W Georgia tower.

Use the link below to register for the event and attend either in person or virtually!

How does this help skilled newcomers like me?

  • Connect with local employers in high-demand industries who are interested in hiring skilled newcomers
  • Network with employers and build invaluable connections
  • Apply for and ultimately be hired for meaningful work in your field
  • Gain insights about businesses and industries from experts in the field
  • Improve your employment prospects through idea exchange in a low-pressure environment facilitated by IEC-BC

How does this help businesses like mine?

  • Fill staffing shortages with job-ready skilled immigrants with permanent resident status
  • Learn more about the skills portfolio of immigrants and how to leverage their international experience
  • Benefit from employment and networking opportunities without having to manage logistics of the event
  • Learn more about skilled immigrants coming to Canada, reduce unconscious biases, and meaningfully engage in diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts

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