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IEC-BC & Sparkgeo Connections Events

December 6, 2023 | 1:00pm PT | Virtual

IEC-BC is hosting a hiring-focused Connections Event with Sparkgeo to hire for Senior Software Developer, Back-End. Shortlisted registrants will be invited to undertake an introductory interview with Sparkgeo at the event.

Registrations Have Closed.

Note that this event will be held virtually.

Registrants will be shortlisted by Sparkgeo. Shortlisted registrants will be sent a Zoom invitation for the event.

How does this help skilled newcomers like me?

  • Connect with local employers in high-demand industries who are interested in hiring skilled newcomers
  • Network with employers and build invaluable connections
  • Apply for and ultimately be hired for meaningful work in your field
  • Gain insights about businesses and industries from experts in the field
  • Improve your employment prospects through idea exchange in a low-pressure environment facilitated by IEC-BC

How does this help businesses like mine?

  • Fill staffing shortages with job-ready skilled immigrants with permanent resident status
  • Learn more about the skills portfolio of immigrants and how to leverage their international experience
  • Benefit from employment and networking opportunities without having to manage logistics of the event
  • Learn more about skilled immigrants coming to Canada, reduce unconscious biases, and meaningfully engage in diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts

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