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Welcome to the BC JobConnect blog! The BC JobConnect frontpage has been recently updated, but our purpose has remained the same since our program began in 2017; to connect employers across British Columbia with qualified newcomer jobseekers. As candidates and employers navigate a new hiring landscape brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is our hope that the BC JobConnect platform provides a unique resource for employment networking and talent acquisition.

In support of this goal, the BC JobConnect blog has been created as new space for IEC-BC site administrators, BC JobConnect-registered candidates, and local employers to connect and share information as a community. Stay tuned to the BC JobConnect Blog for information on:

  • IEC-BC programs and services
  • New site features available on BC JobConnect
  • Upcoming IEC-BC webinars and Connections Events
  • Community events
  • Job postings

Thank you for visiting our site, and for registering as a candidate or employer partner. For more information on BC JobConnect, or to request that your community event or job posting be features on our blog, please contact bcjobconnect@iecbc.ca.


The BC JobConnect team