Inclusive Workplace Resources

Inclusive Workplace Checklist

Learn what tools you need to support newcomers in your workplace

Inclusive Workplace Mindset

Learn more about how to celebrate, understand, and acknowledge diversity as well as speaking up for others.

Inclusive Workplace Language

Inclusive language is essential to helping marginalized peoples feel included. Learn more here.

Supporting Displaced Persons and Refugees

Supporting and Employing Displaced Ukrainians

Learn how you can support displaced Ukrainians here.

Supporting and Employing Afghan Refugees

Thousands of Afghan refugees are arriving in Canada. Learn how your business can support and employ them today.

Connecting with Newcomer Talent

Becoming a Mentor

Learn more about how you can become a mentor and the many benefits mentorship has for your business.

Connecting with Newcomer Talent

Learn how our BC JobConnect platform can support you connect with, hire, and retain skilled newcomer talent.

More Resources

National Learning Hub

Access hundreds of learnings, courses, and collaterals from across Canada to support your diversity and inclusion goals through our National Learning Hub.